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        Shenzhen Yongchang Xing Paper Co., Ltd.



        Current position: Home > Service

        Service and support

        • Fast delivery

            • Yongchang Xing provides convenient and fast delivery for customers, and establishes an efficient and cooperative operation system for customers.

            • The delivery team participates in the formulation of the whole solution and ensures fast delivery.

            • The company's information and automation management, integrated solutions, regionalized multi dot operation, complete logistics and distribution, etc.

              It provides a solid guarantee for quick response to customer needs and delivery of products in a short time.

        • Integrated supply chain

            • A perfect supply chain solution is one of the advantages of Yongchang Xing.

            • Centralized purchasing and reducing cost: Yongchang Xing supply chain takes bulk commodity trading as its core business, involves traditional printing packaging, environmental protection paper packing and other business areas, real-time grasp the price fluctuations of international commodities, avoid risks, and through centralized procurement to achieve scale efficiency, reduce costs and build external supplier strategic partnership;

            • Warehouse logistics, rapid delivery: through its own warehouse and the third party cooperation warehousing logistics, providing professional and efficient warehousing logistics services, commodity initial processing services to help enterprises to achieve rapid and efficient delivery capacity;

            • Information management, enhance competitiveness: through the construction of information management system, connecting inside and outside, from production, warehousing, trading, logistics and other links, real-time collection of logistics, information flow, capital flow, form a three in one complete supply chain information, and then provide large data service, financial services, the funds as a whole The solvent of the supply chain can solve the problem of financing and supply chain imbalance of small and medium enterprises, increase the liquidity of funds, promote the long-term strategic cooperative relationship between small and medium enterprises and Yongchang, and enhance the competitiveness of the supply chain.

        • Automation management

          • Yongchang Xing has an automation equipment manufacturing supply team, which integrates R & D, engineering and technology services. Its service involves many fields of automation and has advantages in the industry.

            We can offer our customers:

            • Large automatic packaging and logistics production line

            • Automatic assembly equipment for all kinds of electronic parts

            • Automatic application of all kinds of surface coating

            • Visual application

            • Robot application and so on

            In the field of packaging, it is also in a position. The full-automatic production line, such as wine boxes, gift boxes, health care products boxes, has been well received by customers.

            With professional technology and business team, we not only bring quality products to customers, but also provide automation engineering technology services and complete solutions.

            At present, we have reached a stable and friendly cooperative relationship with many well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, and have become the designated partners of some products.

        • Excellent logistics distribution

          • In order to close to customers, improve the response speed to customers, and reduce logistics cost to a large extent,

            The company has basically built the production base in the Yangtze River Delta region, the Bohai Bay Economic Zone, the Pearl River Delta region and Vietnam, and integrated the resources of the four regions to establish a comprehensive competitive advantage.

            For important customers, based on their differential demand, it provides high value-added services outside the supply of flat and engineering design, brand and production management, warehousing and distribution to production lines, etc.

            Establish a fast and efficient response mechanism to meet the company's increasing demand for diversified orders.

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